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General information about the “mito-RTG"

 - the integrated research training group of the

    mito-CRC 1218

To provide the best possible training and scientific development, as well as cultivate transferable skills within an excellent research environment, the structured education program of the mito-RTG supports young researchers with a variety of measures
- a thesis committee (TC) consisting of two mentors in addition to the thesis advisor/supervisor.
- a monthly lecture series “The Fundamentals of Mitochondrial Biology” by PIs of the CRC 1218
- a seminar series, the MitoClub with renowned international guest speakers
- the option to interact with MitoClub speakers over lunch and to discuss in an informal atmosphere
- the opportunity to invite and organise the visits of MitoClub guest speakers
- an annual co-worker retreat for doctoral candidates and postdocs
- a postdoc mentoring program
offering support in scientific questions and career planning
- a summer school focussing on topics closely related to the CRC 1218
- a number of symposia organised by doctoral candidates

For further information please contact
Katerina Vlantis
Institute for Genetics
University of Cologne

E-mail: katerina.vlantis(at)uni-koeln.de
Phone: +49-221-470 7728