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CRC1218 | mito-RTG MITOchats Symposium, Jul 10-12, 2019


Scientific Symposium on Mitochondrial Biology

1st mito-RTG organised MITOchats Symposium
to be held in Cologne on July 10-12, 2019.



Training Course

Introductory course for
FiJi (ImageJ) & CellProfiler software

by: Dr. Peter Zentis and Dr. Astrid Schauss (Z03),
      CECAD Imaging Facility

During the course participants will receive a basic introduction on the usage of FiJi and CellProfiler software. The training will specially focus on questions addressing mitochondrial research/analysis.

Day and Time: 27.05. to 29.05.2019 (whole day)
Venue: Seminar rooms ground floor, CECAD Research Center (building no. 69)

ATTENTION: The number of participants is limited.
                        Participation needs to be applied for.



2nd CoWorker Retreat of the mito-RTG

May 19th-20th, 2020

Venue: Geno Hotel, Rösrath-Forsbach

Information about the schedule tba