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Career support for women

The equal opportunity commissioner is offering training courses related to the topics gender and diversity as part of the sensitisation activities. The CRC 1218 supports all activities to promote the career development of female scientists, also by providing financial support for university programmes and skill enhancement courses geared at female career options.

Please contact our Genderboard, the scientific coordinator (mito-RTG) or
Julia Vorobieva for advice and support, financial matters, reimbursement or
for further information.

Female Career Program, University of Cologne

The Female Career Program (FCP) provides regular training courses in vital areas such as networking, presentation, interview technique, project management, leadership skills etc. aimed at female students, graduate students as well as academic staff. In addition, the FCC offers support and advice during all stages of career development with a special programme for women in mathematics and natural sciences.

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Cornelia Harte Mentoring Programmes (CHM)

The CHM Programmes combine one-on-one mentoring with general skills training and networking and are tailored to different target groups. The main objectives of these programmes are the dissemination of life and work experience and the setting up of networks between mentors and mentees. In particular, CHM-MINT supports graduate students and post-docs in their scientific career path within the natural sciences, by organising networking events and providing specific training.

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IFS-Mentoring: Mentoring Program for
                            International Female Scholars

A mentoring program designed especially for female academics from abroad.


Gender Mentoring Agentur

Promotion of talents - Development of careers - Strengthening of science

The Gender Mentoring Agentur is a free of charge offer provided by PeWiss.
It addresses all female students and doctoral candidates of the University of Cologne.

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Management programme for female professors and (young) female executives

This management programme has been designed for female professors and
female (junior) executives in research or research management / administration at the University of Cologne and the University Hospital of Cologne.

The modules convey basic skills for managing complex leadership and management tasks, allowing a consideration of gender-sensitive aspects.