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A03 | Role of mitofusin ubiquitylation in mitochondrial quality control

Mafalda Escobar-Henriques
Institute for Genetics
Center of Molecular Biosciences, CoMB
University of Cologne

Phone: +49 - 221 / 470-89053        
E-mail: MafaldaEscobar@uni-koeln.de

For more information and contact please visit the ESCOBAR LAB.

Running time within the CRC 1218: 07/2016 - 06/2024.


Mitochondrial shape adapts to the cellular conditions, thanks to their capacity to undergo fusion and fission events. This dynamism is important to overcome stress, for example by assisting the elimination of the damaged organelles by mitophagy. Fusion components, called mitofusins, are hubs for stress signal integration and transformation into mitochondrial morphology and mitophagy regulation. The activity of mitofusins is regulated by ubiquitylation both in yeast and mammals. In this project, we want to unravel the molecular mechanisms governing mitofusins ubiquitylation and its implications in health and disease.

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