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mito-RTG Programme

July 2020 to June 2024

For mito-RTG members

mito-RTG Programme Elements

For Doctoral Candidates (DCs) of the mito-RTG

Structured Graduate Programme

Structured doctorate program
  • Doctoral Candidates choose a Thesis Committee (TC) consisting of the supervisor and two “mentors”. At least one mentor should be member of the CRC 1218 faculty. The second mentor can be from a different field but provide supportive complementary expertise.
    One of the mentors needs to be a university professor and the other has to be at least at the level of an independent group leader.
    Experienced / advanced Postdocs can serve as mentors.

  • Within 6 months after starting to work on the PhD thesis Doctoral Candidates meet the TC and submit a project proposal
    (oral presentation and written proposal)

  • Within the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Doctoral Candidates meet the TC members and present the project in an oral form and prepare a written report.