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mito-RTG Programme

July 2020 to June 2024

mito-RTG Programme Elements

For Doctoral Candidates (DCs) of the mito-RTG

Structured Graduate Programme

The structured graduate programme corresponds to the central and mandatory core programme of the Graduate School for Biological Sciences (GSfBS) and is extensively described on the website of the GSfBS.

  • Doctoral Candidates choose a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC)
    consisting of the supervisor and two “mentors”. At least one mentor should be member of the CRC 1218 faculty. The second mentor can be from a different field but provide supportive complementary expertise.
    One of the mentors needs to be a university professor and the other has to be at least at the level of an independent group leader.
    Experienced / advanced Postdocs can serve as mentors.

  • Within 6 months after starting to work on the PhD thesis Doctoral Candidates meet the TAC and submit a project proposal
    (oral presentation and written proposal)

  • Within the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year Doctoral Candidates meet the TAC members and present the project in an oral form and prepare a written report at the indicated time intervals.