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Annual PI Retreat  | May 24-25, 2023


Brunnenstraße 24-28
D-58332 Schwelm




Cologne Spring Meeting 2023 | March 07-10, 2023
organized by CRC1218 & CRC1403

The Cologne Spring Meeting has been held regularly since the early sixties as an open event with free participation. The meetings usually attract a large audience of scientists and students from Cologne but also the rest of Germany and all over Europe. Each Cologne Spring Meeting is held on a different topic and is organized by local scientists from the Faculties of Biology and Medicine. The topic of the 2023 meeting was selected to cover the interface between two large DFG-funded collaborative research centers that are established in Cologne: CRC1218 on "Mitochondrial regulation of cellular function" and CRC1403 on Cell Death in Immunity, Inflammation and Disease”


Joint Retreat 2022 | June 13-15, 2022

Final program

GenoHotel Forsbach, Germany
Raiffeisenstr. 10-16,
51503 Rösrath-Forsbach
3G-rule upon arrival at the hotel (hygiene concept)


Annual PI Retreat | Sep 9-10, 2021

Final Program

Waldhotel Heiligenhaus, Germany
Parkstraße 38
42579 Heiligenhaus (by Düsseldorf)
How to arrive