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To foster scientific exchange and collaborations in mitochondrial research, the CRC 1218 organises the MitoClub, a lecture series with a monthly schedule; the seminars usually take place on Wednesdays. After the seminar you are invited to join in for discussions with snacks and drinks in the foyer of the MPI Age.
Since 2010 this seminar series has brought to Cologne most renowned scientists in mitochondrial biology.

Specific feature for young scientists
To foster interaction with external expert scientists, mito-RTG members are offered the opportunity to interact with MitoClub speakers in an informal atmosphere during the “meet the speaker lunch”. PhD candidates and postdocs meet with renowned scientists to discuss about science and career related matters in absence of senior scientists.

Upcoming MitoClub-Seminars

We are happy to restart the scientific exchange in the frame of the MitoClub Seminar Series!
Due to the ongoing situation with the corona virus (COVID-19) the seminars will run via zoom. Ten days before the seminar takes place you will receive a single announcement via the local mailing lists (life science calendar, cecad etc.), including a link to register; the zoom link for the seminar will be sent to registered participants by email.
If you are not yet registered on any of the local lists, you can register here to the seminare-genetik mailing list.

MitoClub Seminars 2021


10.03.2021, 4.00 pm             
David Pagliarini, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO/USA

Seminar title: Systems biochemistry approaches to defining mitochondrial protein function

Host: Prof. Elena Rugarli (CECAD Research Center/Institute for Genetics University of Cologne)


14.04.2021, 12.00 pm             
Luίs Moita, Instituto Gulbenkian Ciência, Oeiras, Portugal

Seminar title: to be announced