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Research profile of the Collaborative Research Center 1218

Mitochondria are essential cell organelles that are best known for their function in cellular energy homeostasis. However, research in the last two decades has unravelled an unexpected complexity of mitochondria and multiple ways how mitochondria interact with their cellular environment. Mitochondria are now recognised as dynamic and plastic organelles that are integrated into a complex network of cellular signalling cascades. They respond to alterations in cellular physiology but by themselves signal to determine cell fate and function. These complex and bi-directional interactions of mitochondria with the cell make it also necessary to revise the view on the role of mitochondria in disease.

The CRC 1218 will tackle the challenge of mitochondrial complexity using novel interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches.

Research area A: Mitochondrial dynamics and quality control

Research area B: Mitochondria in stress response and disease