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A07 | Role of mitochondrial dynamics in neuronal synapse and circuit remodelling

Matteo Bergami
CECAD Research Center
University Hospital Cologne

E-mail: matteo.bergamiSpamProtectionuk-koeln.de
Phone: +49 - 221 / 478 84250
For more information and contact please visit the BERGAMI LAB.

Running time within the CRC 1218: 07/2016 - 06/2024.


Dysfunctional mitochondrial dynamics play a central role in the development of several neurodegenerative disorders. While some of the basic processes controlling fission-fusion as well as movement of mitochondria have been revealed, our understanding of the mechanisms that ensure mitochondrial distribution across complex neuronal geometries and their role in neuronal plasticity are still rudimentary. In this project, we investigate how mitochondrial dynamics regulate the maintenance of specific neuronal circuits and how their becoming dysfunctional potentially contributes to maladaptive changes in neuronal connectivity which are linked to the onset of epileptic seizures.

Project-related publications

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