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Gender Equality, Diversity and Family-Friendly Policies

The University of Cologne is very active in respect to gender equality, diversity and family-friendly policies and has implemented a series of measures to increase the number of female scientists at all levels, centered on career support, role models and mentor programmes, to reconcile family obligations and work through family support and regarding equal treatment for talents and careers (through talent scouting, 
NRW Talentscouting Programme and mentoring programmes,
First Generation Mentoring Programme +).

All initiatives towards gender equality are fostered by the
Vice-Rectorate for Academic Career and Equal Opportunties,
the Department for Gender and Equality Management and the Gender Equality Officer, which is instrumental in enforcing positive selection procedures throughout the university. We intend to fully exploit existing activities at the University of Cologne
to promote career development of female scientists.

Please contact the Genderboard, the scientific coordinator (mito-RTG) or
the office of the CRC 1218  for support, financial issues, reimbursement or
any other question.