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B11 | Quality control at the protein entry gate of mitochondria

Thomas Becker
Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Bonn

Phone: +49 228-73-2900
E-mail: thbeckerSpamProtectionuni-bonn.de
For more information and contact please visit the BECKER LAB

Running time within the CRC 1218: 07/2020 - 06/2024.


The translocase of the outer membrane (TOM complex) imports about 1000 different proteins into mitochondria. We discovered the mitochondrial protein translocation-associated degradation (mitoTAD) pathway that clears arrested precursor proteins from the TOM channel to ensure full import capacity. In this project we will analyse the molecular mechanisms and the cellular role of the mitoTAD pathway. Therefore, we will investigate how and which translocation-arrested precursor proteins are recognized and ubiquitylated. In addition, we will study how the mitoTAD pathway is integrated into a cellular stress and metabolic signalling network.

Project-related publications

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