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A05 | The role of CLUH in transport and translation of mRNAs for mitochondrial proteins

Elena Rugarli
CECAD Research Center/Institute for Genetics
University of Cologne

E-mail: elena.rugarliSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de
Phone: +49 - 221 / 478 84244
For more information and contact please visit the RUGARLI LAB.

Running time within the CRC 1218: 07/2016 - 06/2024.


Regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis and function is essential during development and adult life. CLUH is an RNA-binding protein that binds a subset of transcripts encoding mitochondrial proteins, and plays a crucial role in allowing an efficient mitochondrial catabolic response at birth and during starvation. CLUH binds target mRNAs in specific granular compartments where it coordinates their stability and translational status in a spatio-temporal manner. We will investigate whether CLUH plays a role in transport and/or local translation of mRNAs encoding mitochondrial proteins. To this end, we will use as model system spinal motoneurons, which are characterised by long axons that depend on transport and local translation of mRNAs.

Project-related publications

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