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The “mito-RTG" - General Information

 - integrated research training group of the CRC 1218

The integrated Research Training Group of the CRC 1218, mito-RTG, has been designed to provide Doctoral Candidates (DCs) and Postdocs participating in the CRC 1218 with the best possible scientific education, research and team environment, mentoring and guidance. Through participating in this programme the visibility or early career researchers is promoted beyond the own working group and the local scientific community.

The mito-RTG is integrated into the graduate and postgraduate education structures at the UoC. Thereby it can offer a large number of courses for further career development, career mentoring and coaching, which are organised by the respective University structures:
the Graduate School for Biological Sciences (GSfBS),
the Albertus Magnus Center (AMC),
the UoC’s Career orientation and development for Postdocs (Postdoc Programme),
the Junior Faculty Club (JFC)
and the Human Resource Development for Researchers
             (HR development programme).

To provide the best possible training and scientific development,
cultivate transferable skills within an excellent research environment,
early career researchers of the mito-RTG are supported
with a variety of measures

- a thesis advisory committee (TAC) consisting of two mentors in addition
   to the thesis advisor/supervisor for doctoral candidates.

- a lecture series by PIs of the CRC 1218 on
   “The Fundamentals in Mitochondrial Regulation of Cellular Function"

- a seminar series, the MitoClub with renowned international guest speakers including

- the option to interact with MitoClub speakers over lunch
  and to discuss in an informal atmosphere

- the opportunity to invite and organise the visits of MitoClub and
   CRC 1218 seminar guest speakers

- a co-worker retreat for doctoral candidates and postdocs

- a postdoc mentoring program offering support in scientific questions and
   career planning

- '#MITOchats' a symposium organised by members of the mito-RTG focussing on topics closely related to the CRC 1218 and addressing career perspectives

- a number of symposia organised by doctoral candidates
   under the aegis of the GSfBS