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Susanne Brodesser
Lipidomics/Metabolomics Facility, CECAD Research Center
University Hospital Cologne

E-mail: susanne.brodesserSpamProtectionuk-koeln.de
Phone: +49 - 221 / 478 84015
For more information and contact please visit the  Lipidomics/Metabolomics Facility

Marcus Krüger
CECAD Research Center/Institute for Genetics
University of Cologne

E-mail: marcus.kruegerSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de
Phone: +49 - 221 / 478 84140
For more information and contact please visit Proteomics Facility & KRÜGER LAB.

Aleksandra Trifunovic
CECAD Research Center/Institute for Mitochondrial Diseases and Ageing
University Hospital Cologne

E-mail: aleksandra.trifunovicSpamProtectionuk-koeln.de
Phone: +49 - 221 / 478 84291
For more information and contact please visit the TRIFUNOVIC LAB.


The bioanalytical Z project has been developed to meet the challenging demand of a systematic analysis of how mitochondria interfere with cellular functions. The previous Proteomics (Z02) and Bioenergetics (Z04) project are merged with the metabolomics/lipidomics facility to form a central project that provides a broad spectrum of methods to dissect cellular and tissue metabolism at the bioenergetics, metabolite, lipid and proteome level. The new bioanalytical platform (Z02) will be equipped with state-of-the-art mass spectrometers for proteomics and small metabolite analysis. Seahorse and Oxygraph analyzers will provide highest performance for application-oriented basic and advanced bioenergetics investigations of living cells.

Project-related publications

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