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A02 | Role of SUMO and ubiquitin modifications in the control of mitochondrial fission

Jürgen Dohmen
Institute for Genetics
University of Cologne

E-mail:  J.DohmenSpamProtectionuni-koeln.de
Phone: +49 - 221/ 470 4862       
For more information and contact please visit the DOHMEN LAB.

Running time within the CRC 1218: 07/2016 - 06/2020



Mitochondria form a highly dynamic intracellular network, which is regulated by fusion and fission events. In this project, we will investigate the role of sumoylation and ubiquitylation in the regulation of mitochondrial fission. The long-term goal of this project is to understand the regulation of mitochondrial fission in response to physiological needs by a cross talk of SUMO and ubiquitin modifications.

Project-related publications

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