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Critical periods of mitochondrial structural and metabolic plasticity in Purkinje neurons

Elisa Motori
Research Group Leader | Institute for Biochemistry | University of Cologne

E-mail: elisa.motori@uni-koeln.de
Phone: +49 (0) 221 470 76 056



Mitochondria are highly dynamic organelles vital for the functioning and survival of neurons. Axonal transport of mitochondria has been suggested to sustain mitochondrial turnover at synapses as well as axonal integrity. However, how local and long-range transport of mitochondria is differentially regulated within specific sub-compartments - such as functionally distinct regions of dendritic arbors - to match precise switches in synaptic development and consolidation in vivo is poorly understood. By combining imaging and genetic approaches, in this project we will focus on the almost unique architecture of Purkinje neurons to dissect the mutual regulation of mitochondrial motility and compartment-specific synaptic functions.